Posted on December 31, 2017

Cheat Sheet: “Is a low income or prolonged unemployment truly cause for financial stress? According to one study, not really. In some states, public assistance programs, or welfare, could pay more than full-time, minimum-wage jobs.
Cato Institute’s 2013 Work Versus Welfare Trade-Off study totaled the welfare benefits offered in each state and compared that value with the wages workers would need to earn in order to have an equivalent take-home income. Cato found for long-term dependents, welfare actually pays pretty well.”

“The study examined the package for a single mother with two children, who could use programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps); Medicaid; housing assistance; utility assistance; and Women, Infants, and Children.
The results? Recipients of this assistance earned more than the average pre-tax, first-year wage for a teacher in 11 states and more than the starting wage for a secretary in 39 states.”

Remember hope and change? Opportunity for all? The author of ‘The Decline of Black Politics,’ Kevin Gray, said Obama’s recovery was worse than Bush’s recession.

In 2013 legislation promoting welfare, increasing minimum wage infrastructure jobs building bridges to nowhere, funding programs like Head Start, Michelle My Butt’s lunch program from Stimulus, drained both employment and our budget.

“In states, such as Maine, Texas, Florida, and Mississippi, working a minimum-wage job was more profitable than a welfare package.
Unfortunately, the pay gaps are larger than you could ever imagine. Here are the top 15 states where welfare recipients are paid more than minimum wage. (Alabama, Louisiana, and South Carolina were omitted from The Cheat Sheet’s analysis, as they do not currently have state-mandated minimum wages.)”


Cheat Sheet: States Where Welfare Recipients Are Paid More Than Minimum Wage

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