Posted on August 10, 2017

Axios: “Jeff Flake is one of the few elected Republicans to publicly break from Donald Trump, denouncing Trump-style populism in his new book and refusing to endorse Trump during the presidential election.
Now, Trump-supporting billionaire Robert Mercer is donating $300,000 to a super PAC backing Kelli Ward, one of Flake’s Republican primary challengers, Politico’s Alex Isenstadt reports. Why it matters: Polls show that Flake is deeply unpopular in Arizona, and Republican primary voters are still overwhelmingly supportive of Trump. The precarious situation Flake finds himself in shows the risks other Republicans will be taking if they challenge Trump.”

Breitbart: “Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) proudly wants to be called a “globalist.”
Flake, who is up for reelection in 2018 and is vulnerable to a primary challenge, reportedly “embraces” that label in his new book, which bashes President Donald Trump. It also reportedly argues that the “nationalist” and “populist” America-first policies that got Trump elected in a historic win for the ages and brought millions of new voters into the Republican Party do not represent the GOP’s future.
While promoting his book to the media elites, Flake has blasted pro-Trump Republicans for being “xenophobic” and their “nativism.” On CNN on Tuesday, he again criticized Republicans for embracing the “unfamiliar banner” of “populism” and combating illegal immigration. He also spoke about the purported “xenophobia” of Trump’s voters.
Flake then embraced his involvement in the Gang of Eight’s failed attempt to pass massive comprehensive amnesty legislation that would have been detrimental to American workers and said another such effort is needed in Congress.”

Dr Kelli Ward: “I know that I can do more to advance the ideas of freedom and liberty so eloquently described in our founding documents, which is why I’ve decided to run for the United States Senate against Jeff Flake.
Senator Flake has failed to deliver during his decades in DC – he is simply too weak to fight for Arizona. Over the course of this campaign, we will show the stark difference between our philosophies and our track records. A glaring example of our differences is that while millions of us fought to stop Hillary Clinton and elect President Trump in 2016, Senator Flake supported the Clinton crime family by being a vocal member of NeverTrump and casting his ballot for Evan McMullin.”


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