Posted on June 26, 2017

LAT: “The Supreme Court has given President Trump a major victory by reviving his disputed ban on foreign travelers from six Muslim-majority nations. The justices rejected a series of lower-court orders that had blocked Trump’s policy from taking effect.”

“The court’s conservative justices agreed with Trump and his lawyers, who argued that the Constitution and federal immigration laws give the chief executive broad power to restrict or “suspend” the entry of foreign individuals or groups into this country.
Despite the earlier defeats, Trump had voiced confidence he would prevail once the travel ban reached the Supreme Court. His confidence was bolstered in April when his first appointee, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, was confirmed and sworn in.
The high-court decision suggests that the justices were more troubled by the bold intervention of the judges who blocked Trump’s order than by the new president’s aggressive use of his authority.”

Schumer yesterday: “We’d better stand for something.”


LAT: Supreme Court revives Trump’s foreign travel ban, will hear dispute in the fall

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