Posted on June 13, 2017

FB: “Most cite high costs and insurers dropping coverage! Roughly 1.9 million Americans canceled their Obamacare coverage in 2017. Most cited high premiums and disruptions in coverage as the reason, according to two reports from the Department of Health and Human Services.
The agency announced that 12.2 million consumers had selected an Obamacare plan or were reenrolled by the end of open enrollment on January 31, 2017. Only 10.3 million of those consumers, however, committed to the purchase by paying their premiums, leaving roughly 1.9 million Americans who essentially canceled their coverage.”

“In order to get a complete picture about enrollment numbers, it is more accurate to highlight the number of people who actually paid their premiums than those who simply selected a plan. The data on drops in effectuated enrollment shows that, on average since 2014, more than a million enrollees per year have dropped their coverage before the end of the plan year, the department said.”

Schumer back in March: “We have ideas, they have ideas to try to improve Obamacare. We never said it was perfect. We always said we would work with them to improve it. We just said repeal was off the table. …
Seventeen per cent of Americans liked TrumpCare. They did not want it. Stop undermining ACA and we will work with them.”

Pelosi spoke in San Francisco in March: “I extend my hand to the president if he wants to improve the Affordable Care Act. … Before the ACA, insurance companies ruled the roost. We don’t have to throw it out… I supported single payer since before you were born.”

Today news media is implying the 1.9 million left ObamaCare because of the American Health Care Act.


FB: 1.9 Million Obamacare Cancellations

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