Posted on June 10, 2017

W Post, Saturday copy: “Before the angry mob of breathless Democrats gets too spun up and ahead of itself, the anti-Trumpers should calm down and try to absorb just how preposterous it is to suggest that President Trump may have committed a criminal offense by supposedly obstructing justice during the Russia/Michael Flynn investigation.
Consider for a moment what would have happened if Trump had placed an op-ed in a prominent newspaper, arguing that the investigation into his campaign and former national security adviser Flynn was misguided, a wasteful use of government resources, and that he thought it should stop. To do so would be foolish, but not criminal.”

The libs were so excited about Thursday. DC bars opened at 9:00AM to celebrate the take down of Pres Trump (W Post story), news media and libs convinced themselves yet again it was possible. Pres Trump is still standing, undisturbed, moving forward as if the libs and republican establishment were not there. Every day it was supposed to be just the opposite.

Comey said Pres Trump was never under investigation. Remember the reaction when it was announced that Hillary had lost?

I read Megyn Kelly ticked off Putin in an interview after too many questions about his relationship with Pres Trump. He has never met him.

The libs and news media must be willing to sacrifice seats in the next election if they want to continue this approach, it’s interesting W Post suggests holding back on a Saturday when it will not be seen.

At the same time republican establishment continues to encounter unrelenting support for Pres Trump who is giving the people what he promised. If the GOP cannot do the same now, why would anyone believe they could in the future?


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