Posted on May 13, 2017

Drive: “Could Apple be gunning for an acquisition or merger with Tesla? A Citigroup analyst believes it’s a possibility—especially with Apple’s huge cash reserve that has recently surpassed a quarter of a trillion dollars. With big things on the horizon for Tesla Motors, and cash burning a hole in Apple’s pocket, it’s an angle to consider.
It’s fair to say that Tesla wasn’t the only company to appear in this forecast, made by Citigroup analyst Jim Suva. Netflix and Disney are two other big names tossed around in addition to the automaker. But Apple is currently working on a self-driving vehicle program of its own, and was granted a permit for autonomous vehicle testing in California. The company’s test vehicles also been spotted testing the tech on-road.”

When Apple ran into problems with Siri, rather than plunge into all of R&D time, they simply purchased an existing business which had developed what they wanted and incorporated it. They have the cash. Companies do just that for the same reasons.

Apple’s focus has always been driving software, they were not interested in building vehicles.

Many view Tesla as another Snapchat to be, waiting to take a dive in the market. Maybe a good acquisition for Apple.


Drive: Apple Potentially Targeting Tesla for Takeover, Says Citi Analyst

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