Posted on May 11, 2017


SF Chronicle: “Riddle me this: How can the so-called elite media be so self-absorbed and still have so little self-awareness? Today’s journalists too often make themselves the story. If a reporter gets arrested at a protest, he’ll be on the Sunday shows doing what he is not supposed to be doing: expressing his opinion.
Yet these same journalists are incapable of seeing themselves in the harsh light in which most Americans see them.
Not good. The media are supposed to tell everyday Americans what’s happening in the world and explain what it means to them. How can they do either if they haven’t the foggiest idea what’s going on and can no longer relate to their audience?”

Global warming continues. Equality for illegals continues. Free education, free health care…

All of the people in the news media guaranteed a Hillary victory until the final hour, never a whisper about the Russians interfering.

It’s always 100% guaranteed BS.


SF Chronicle: Trump stumps the self-absorbed media elites

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