Posted on April 30, 2017


Elizabeth Warren was on Real Time with Bill Maher to talk about her new book when Pres Trump’s new tax plan came up.
Maher: “But he’s going to go to a rally in Harrisburg, Pa., tomorrow and tell his fans all about this, about how his kids are not going to have to pay taxes because they got rid of the estate tax, and they’re still with him. They’re not with you. Explain to me what that disconnection is.”
Warren abruptly disagreed and Maher said the people were not on her side.
Warren: “When we talk…”
Maher: “They don’t like you Pocahontas.”

Almost a year ago Hillary sent Pocahontas out to attack Trump for her at a rally. Hillary knew when she spoke her polls went down. Warren was not concerned about the validity of her comments, the GOP never fought back and the news media always supported her. Trump attacked back and Pocahontas did not know what to do.

It happened again on Maher.

The conditioning the liberals have gotten away with for decades once again has lead to harm.


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