Posted on April 29, 2017

Politico: “It’s not hard to understand the show’s appeal. While the rest of the media frets and wails over Trump’s policies and sounds the alarm over his tweets, “Fox & Friends” remains unrelentingly positive. It’s pitched to the frequency of the Trump base, but it also feels intentionally designed for Trump himself—a three-hour, high-definition ego fix. For a president who no longer regularly receives adulation from screaming crowds at mega rallies, “Fox & Friends” offers daily affirmation that he is successful and adored, that his America is winning after all.
Psychology suggests that the program’s particular trappings have effects on viewers that go beyond ego stroking. The fast pace, the cheerfulness and the breezy confidence are a combination tailor-made for maximum persuasion, experts say.”

“For an everyday voter blinking awake at 6 a.m. in uncertain, hyperpartisan times, that state of mind has obvious allure, and maybe minimal consequences. But for the leader of the free world—someone who should, in theory, crave truth more than affirmation—a “Fox & Friends” obsession is a different matter altogether.”

Breitbart: “The federal investigation into Fox News currently being conducted by the Justice Department has expanded to include the assistance of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, according to a report.
CNN’s Brian Stelter reported Thursday that financial crime experts from the USPIS, which usually investigates claims including mail fraud and wire fraud, have begun probing the network along with the Justice Department.”

Part of the attack on Pres Trump is Fox and Friends, a show which presents the same positive attitude as does our president. Politico says it’s deigned to be psychological propaganda so it must be eliminated. Destroy Fox News!


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