Posted on April 21, 2017

Market Watch: “Consumers get most of their daily sodium from processed food and restaurant food. As unhealthy relationships go, this one could take years off your life. Americans are consuming way too much salt… The percentage of people who actively avoid having salt in their diet fell to 39% in 2015 from 46% in 2014… Some 35% of people said they try to include salt in their diet, up from 28% a year earlier.”

Last October Market Watch posted an article about Hershey’s new sea salt chips, calling them one of America’s most trusted bakers saying, “Many shoppers have a desire to understand what ingredients are in their recipes. Therefore, having nutritional information that is easy to locate on the package is important to them.” It continues on to describe the new sea salt caramel chips.

From the start Market Watch highlights the chips as containing no artificial ingredients. That’s always been a big deal with sea salt, simple evaporation vs processing after mining. In the end salt is salt, it’s all sodium.

What did Market Watch overlook in your salt shaker… that it missed in those chips?


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