Posted on April 2, 2017 “Archer Shurtliff and Jordan April, both 17, felt “weird” when in February they received an assignment asking students to argue for the extermination of Jewish people. The words “TOP SECRET” were stamped across the top in red. The “memorandum,” first posted online and addressed to senior Nazi party members, asked students to put themselves in the shoes of Adolf Hitler’s top aides.
Archer and Jordan, who are not Jewish, wondered if they understood the assignment correctly. Did their teacher, Michael DeNobile, really mean for his students to argue in favor of the “Final Solution,” the Nazis’ justification for genocide?
During class the next day, DeNobile randomly assigned half the students to argue for, and half to argue against the extermination of Jews. Archer was assigned to be in favor of the Final Solution, and Jordan was picked to be against.”

Once again the nation’s wealthiest universities received record donations which are invested and able to grow tax free.

Public schools, mandated under federal guidelines, continue to fail students. Homeschooling and charters are rejected.

How do you feel about education today?

. CNY students upset after being asked to defend Nazis, Holocaust for homework

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