Posted on March 29, 2017

Frontpage: “City governments vow to protect even violent predators in defiance of Trump administration.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned on Monday that sanctuary jurisdictions risked losing federal grants if they persisted in obstructing the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Billions of dollars in federal law enforcement funding are at stake. “I urge the nation’s states and cities to carefully consider the harm they are doing to their citizens by refusing to enforce our immigration laws,” Attorney General Sessions said. “Countless Americans would be alive today and countless loved ones would not be grieving today if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended.”
Instead of heeding the Attorney General’s sound advice and taking care of their own citizens, city officials around the country are planning to sabotage federal law enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.”

“New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said “We are going to become this administration’s worst nightmare.” On the same day that Attorney General Sessions issued his warning, she hosted a meeting with like-minded officials from other sanctuary cities, including San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, and Philadelphia, who prioritize the welfare of illegal immigrants over their own citizens. Ms. Mark-Viverito and her comrades threatened to block access by federal immigration authorities to city property and to city records that could help with the enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws. They are acting in the spirit of Alabama’s late Governor George Wallace, who stood in the schoolhouse door to defy federal enforcement of desegregation.
“The Trump Administration is pushing an unrealistic and mean spirited executive order,” tweeted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.”

AG Sessions told local jurisdictions they must abide by the law if they want the funding, proving they are in compliance with Section 1373 of U.S. Code Title 8, which mandates they notify the feds about with regard to the immigration status of those in their custody. It was a 2016 policy issued by Obama.

States are using taxpayer funding from citizens for illegals in education, health care, welfare…, ignoring the needs of Americans and pushing criminal illegals to the front of the line.


Frontpage: Sanctuary Cities Choose Criminals Over Citizens

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