Posted on March 28, 2017


Review Journal: “So the Oakland Raiders are prepared to pack up their silver-and-black bags, back up the diesel transporters and truck to Las Vegas. The billion-dollar NFL question is: when? No one knows for certain — not even owner Mark Davis. By a landslide 31-1 vote, NFL owners Monday approved the franchise’s second departure from the Bay Area, this time to the growing Las Vegas metropolitan area.”

“The Miami Dolphins were the lone dissenting vote. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and some owners said that the league wanted to remain in the nation’s sixth-largest TV market but that no viable stadium-building solution could be worked out in Oakland between Alameda County officials and the Raiders.”

They will remain in Oakland for the next two seasons and open in Vegas in 2019, somewhere yet to be determined. Their new $1.9 billion stadium is expected to be ready for the 2020 season.

Vegas taxpayers are committing $750 million to the stadium, Davis $500 million, and Bank of America will finance the remainder.

Goodell rejected Oakland’s $1.3 billion stadium proposal and the league vote decided it.

The NFL has made some questionable decisions in recent past. News media started it with Goodell when Ray Rice punched his wife in an elevator, dragged her out unconscious, and Goodell suspended him for only six weeks. He was forced to upgrade it to a year.

The games start with the National Anthem. American flags fly everywhere. People rush home from church to celebrate their Sunday afternoon football are disgusted by Colin Kaepernick.

The level of football in college was far different from high school, only the best moved on. The NFL accepts a minute fracture of that. All of the news media focus on injuries and concussions today, playing the game means playing hurt. What is the goal of news media, scare the hell out of parents to point they will not permit the children to play? It’s becoming a pussy society. People stay home with headaches, we played with sprained ankles.

The game is a television product and the ratings are declining. The NFL cannot sell commercials without an audience. It wasn’t long ago when the NFL, because of gambling conflicts, refused to sell Super Bowl advertising in Vegas Convention. Gambling is legal there.


Review Journal: Oakland Raiders get NFL’s approval to move to Las Vegas

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