Posted on March 12, 2017

Daily News: “Utah could soon have the strictest DUI threshold in the nation after state lawmakers on Wednesday night voted to lower the limit for a driver’s blood-alcohol content to 0.05 percent, down from 0.08 percent. The measure heads to Utah’s governor, who has said he supports the legislation.
If Republican Gov. Gary Herbert signs the bill, it would take effect Dec. 30, 2018 — an unusual effective date for Utah laws that would ensure the harsher standard is in place before alcohol-laden celebrations on New Year’s Eve.”

CBS, 2002: “The nation’s alcohol-related traffic death rate has dropped by more than half during the past 20 years, a government study shows. But the chances of being killed by a driver who’s been drinking still vary significantly from state to state.
At the same time, government agencies and anti-drunk driving groups announced a holiday crackdown.
The federal government’s most comprehensive look at drunken driving accidents over the past two decades shows that gains in the fight against drunken driving have been widely disproportionate across the country.
Drivers in South Carolina, the state with the highest death rate, for example, are four times more likely to die in alcohol-related traffic accidents than drivers in Utah, the state with the lowest death rate.”

How many people leaving the bar… 30 minutes after a drink are DUI?


Daily News: Utah lawmakers pass toughest DUI limit in US at 0.05 percent
CBS: Drunk Driving Death Rates Drop, But…

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