Posted on March 12, 2017

CR: “Speaking on Fox News Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas (A, 98%) dismissed concerns that Republicans cannot fully repeal Obamacare with the budget reconciliation process under what Gohmert derogatorily referred to as “the KKK rule,” an arcane part of Senate procedure called the “Byrd rule,” named for the late Sen. Robert Byrd. Gohmert argued that Republicans are hiding behind Senate procedure to cover for their inaction on Obamacare repeal.”

Gohmert: “We did a more complete repeal two years ago and when our leadership says, ‘Well, you gotta remember under reconciliation we have all these limitations’ guys, we did this two years ago so it is already passed through the Senate requirements. It’s already passed by the stupid Byrd rule.”

Andrew McCarthy November 2011: “What Obamacare needs now, what it has always needed… a replacement that rejects the premise that medical care is a corporate asset of which Leviathan should manage (i.e., ration) the distribution. …
Obamacare mandate lost big. Even with highly motivated public-union employees (a building block of Obama’s base) turning out in droves, the president’s signature achievement got a resounding thumbs-down. …
The American people do not want more radically socialized medicine — the government has already done quite enough, thank you very much, to undermine the world’s greatest health-care system. …
So with the wind at its back, why isn’t the GOP attacking? Beats me. Yes, it is true that House Republicans admirably forced and won a vote to repeal Obamacare shortly after taking control of the chamber. It was done in fulfillment of a commitment in their “Pledge to America” during the 2010 campaign. In light of the Pledge items that have since fallen by the wayside, I suppose we should be grateful for that. Alas, the repeal measure then went to the Senate, where good policy goes to die, and that was that.
But why one and done? There should by now have been many votes, reminding Americans of who owns this monstrosity. Democrats forced it down the throats of an angry, unwilling public, while Republicans gamely tried to stop it. That story cannot be told often enough. Several of the accounting shenanigans that Democrats employed to hide hundreds of billions in costs — legerdemain that would have made Jon Corzine blush — have since been exposed as the frauds that they are. Are Republicans content to have that fade from memory while the president uses his bully pulpit to paint the GOP as the enemy of Grandma, clean air, education, and apple pie?”

Seems like only yesterday.


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