Posted on March 9, 2017

NewsMax: “Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury during his confirmation hearing when he failed to disclose meetings with a Russian ambassador, Sen. Al Franken told CNN on Tuesday.
“It’s hard to come to any other conclusion,” Franken said on “The Lead” with Jake Tapper.
Sessions last week said he was recusing himself from any investigations related to President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign after reports surfaced he had spoken with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak while helping campaign for Trump.
“I have decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaigns for President of the United States,” Sessions told reporters, adding that his announcement “should not be interpreted as confirmation of the existence of any investigation.”
In a letter to Congress Monday, Sessions defended his answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee as “correct” and said he “did not mention communications (he) had had with the Russian ambassador over the years because the question did not ask about them.”
Franken told Tapper that Sessions’ response was ‘ridiculous.'”

CNN is listening to him. A Vermont mayor just lost because he supported Syrian refugees. The voters finally woke up to what was really going on, the news media did not alert them. People in this business who tell the truth get fired. Everything I have written that’s been in NYT, WP, LAT, HufPo… was posted as a link to be laughed at.

All of the leftist garbage in the news media, they will find the 5% that is valid, defend the 95% of the lies with it, and tell their critics to get lost. They do not have enough business to justify the economics of competition but that topic is never discussed.

Franken wants to remove AG Sessions for secret Russian meetings while hiding the fact that under his term government was secretly spying on you, it has all of your metadata stored somewhere. How does Pres Trump know he is being investigated? Libs and the news media deny it. Who is not disclosing what?


NewsMax- Sen. Franken: Sessions Committed Perjury During Confirmation Hearing

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