Posted on February 11, 2017

Fox: “Several towns, cities and counties around the nation are caving to President Trump’s threat to pull funding, and abandoning their “sanctuary” pledges to shield illegal immigrants from federal authorities.
Dayton, Ohio, dropped a policy that restricted the city’s cooperation with immigration officials pursuing illegal immigrants arrested for misdemeanors or felony property crimes, according to the Dayton Daily News. Police Chief Richard Biehl said federal authorities will no longer be impeded by the city when pursuing illegal immigrants being held by his department.”

We have talked about Miami Dade pulling out. Others listed in the story include: Saratoga, NY, Finney County, KA, and Bedford, PA.

Travis County refused to comply only to be met head on by Gov Abbott.

Chancellor Merkel, facing reelection, is accelerating deportations of illegals. A lot of dems are up in 2018 in Trump states, why is Merkel conforming to the people of Germany and why are the democrats ignoring their voters?

Now that Pres Trump has his AG in place no doubt the situation will get interesting for all others refusing to comply.

After entering the White House Obama was quick to race out to speak with other countries. Maybe Pres Trump might consider the efforts which got him in, the seemingly infinite rallies. What better way to override the fake news and maintain voter support?


Fox- ‘We’re going to see more’: Sanctuary cities cave in face of Trump’s funding threats

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