Posted on February 3, 2017

CNS/AP: “The Trump administration is preparing to levy new sanctions on Iran, U.S. officials say, in the first punitive action since the White House put Iran “on notice” after it test-fired a ballistic missile.
Up to two dozen Iranian individuals, companies and possibly government agencies could be penalized as part of the move, expected as early as Friday, said the officials and others with knowledge of the decision. The individuals weren’t authorized to discuss the unannounced sanctions publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.
The sanctions, coming in the first weeks of President Donald Trump’s term, reflect his administration’s desire to take a strong stance toward Iran from the start. Throughout his campaign, Trump accused the Obama administration of being insufficiently tough on Iran and vowed to crack down if elected.”

Security Advisor Flynn a few days ago: “Recent Iranian actions involving a provocative ballistic missile launch and an attack against a Saudi naval vessel conducted by Iran supported Houthi militants underscore what should have been clear to the international community all along about Iran’s destabilizing behavior across the entire Middle East. The recent ballistic missile launch is also in defiance of UN Security Council Resolution 2231 which calls on Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.
The Trump administration condemns such actions by Iran that undermine security, prosperity, and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East which places American lives at risk. President Trump has severely criticized the various agreements reached between Iran and the Obama administration as well as the United Nations as being weak and ineffective. Instead of being thankful to the United States in these agreements Iran is now feeling emboldened. As of today we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

When the Iran deal was being first being ‘negotiated,’ how many liberals favored it as a means of allowing the country to be able to defend itself?

Pres Trump was very astute in his handling of it, he did not simply reverse everything immediately, he waited for Iran to make a mistake in front of the world before taking action.


CNS/AP: US preparing new Iran sanctions over missile test

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