Posted on January 25, 2017


News media continues to push the violation of freedom of protesters rights at our last inauguration, this time highlighting arrests and disrespect of fellow journalists.

US News: …”other journalists — including Vocativ producer Evan Engel, RT journalist Alex Rubinstein and reporter Aaron Cantu, who has written for VICE, The Intercept, Al Jazeera America and other outlets — were taken to jail and charged with felony rioting, which carries a maximum 10 years in prison and a large fine.
Rubinstein, who reported he had been struck in the face by one of many flash grenades, referred questions to RT, which did not immediately respond to an inquiry. A Vocativ spokesman said in a Monday afternoon statement that “the arrest, detainment and rioting charge against journalist Evan Engel, who was covering the protests for Vocativ, are an affront to the First Amendment and journalistic freedom. Vocativ will vigorously contest this unfounded and outrageous charge.” Cantu did not immediately respond to an email.
An RT article says Rubinstein showed officers his press credentials and a Vocativ spokesman said Engel also identified himself to police.
Several independent journalists also were taken and charged, including a journalist who uses the handle StopMotionsolo, who covered the arrests live on Ustream, and photojournalist Shay Horse, who covers social movements across the Americas.
“I only took photos,” Horse says.
Alexei Wood, who live-streamed his detention to Facebook, was also arrested.”

Mass arrests of journalists?

I have no problem with them acting as they do, America is not the country they portray and Pres Trump is not the person they depict. Devoted supporters such as the union leaders yesterday continue to split away. People want what is best for them and their families.


US News: Inauguration Mass Arrest of Protesters, Journalists a Throwback With a Familiar Face, Attorneys Say

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