Posted on January 7, 2017

Young Conservatives: “Important note: it’s been a tumultuous year at FOX. It’s no secret I don’t agree with aspects of their seemingly new agenda wherein independent conservative commentators were axed to make room for more partisan talking heads, as if the airwaves aren’t bloated enough already with lapdogs bloviating daily tired leftist talking points. However, smart people run FOX – I have great respect for many of the individuals I was privileged to work for – and their apparently experimental political shift will probably pay off handsomely, whilst opening doors for new, refreshing, competing news outlets. So it’s all good. (Also good have been the jokes about me being replaced by Meghan McCain, for I find self-deprecating humor really is the best kind!)”

She also talks about the sexual harassment charges asking why professional people such as those who would expose themselves to such treatment for a paycheck, all along promoting the company.

How is your viewership of Fox’s 9:00 time slot affected with Tucker Carlson taking over for Megyn Kelly?


Young Conservatives- Sarah Palin: My statement on the changes at Fox News

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