Posted on January 6, 2017

Independent Sentinel: “US major government and military organizations are hacked all the time by endless numbers of foreign and domestic actors. Nothing was done to fix our cybersecurity. But let a privates organization like the DNC get hacked or careless John Podesta’s emails get hacked and all hell breaks loose.
John Podesta left his smart phone in a cab, he fell for a phishing incident and his password was ‘passwØrd”. Hillary put our state secrets on a personal server she kept in a bathroom. She and Huma left their phones on a bed in a hotel in China. Hillary sent her emails to all sorts of people without security clearance. Her maid printed out her classified documents.
If they were so important, why didn’t the FBI bother to collect the information, the servers, the computers, the flash drives, even the drives held by the Clinton lawyers?”

What about all of the countries which routinely hack America, Russia, China, Iran…, the radical Islamic terrorists…?

Phishing became popular at home.


Independent Sentinel: No One Cared About Hacking until We found Out How Corrupt Liberals Are

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