Posted on December 27, 2016


Antimedia: “The end of the year is approaching, and data concerning government abuses of power has begun pouring in. According to Facebook’s Global Government Requests Report, government’s requests for Facebook account data rose 27 percent in the first half of 2016.”

Facebook’s official announcement explained that requests for user data went from 46,710 in the last half of 2015 to 59,229 in the first half of 2016. At least 56 percent of these requests, Facebook added, “contained a non-disclosure order that prohibited us from notifying the user.”
Law enforcement agencies from across the globe, Facebook continued, often send restriction requests demanding Facebook remove content from its forums

All posts here are forward linked. As a communications professional who understands this stuff, you use these sites at high risk. You are being watched. The liberals want total control of the internet, no different than health care…

Your best protection, not complete protection, is a total aggravation. It certainly prohibits such simple things as social media, non-secure POPs, no frequent password changes…, and includes only iPhones.

Sometimes social media sites are shut down but often both they and email accounts are hacked for reasons other than content, they are a bridge to personal information.


Antimedia: US Government Can Legally Access Your Facebook Data: Here’s How

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