Posted on December 4, 2016

NYP: “This season, ratings for professional football are down 27 percent across all of the major networks: ESPN, Fox, NBC and CBS, according Forbes. The decline in the ratings underscores a bigger truth that no one wants to face: Nothing lasts forever. And that includes the popularity of professional football, which now may be experiencing the slow, inevitable crumble of a Roman-style empire.”

This week, the NFL denied a rumor that the league was reconsidering the fate of “Thursday Night Football,” namely that it was looking to revamp or — gasp — cut back on the sacred media property.”

Nothing about Kaepernick or the player protests is mentioned. The story is written by Mary Pilon, so I looked her up. Mary Pilon Journalist, Wikipedia: “Mary Pilon is an award winning journalist based in the United States who primarily writes about sports and business. She most recently was on staff covering sports for The New York Times.”

I went to the NYT to see what she had written recently about sports and found 1 story this year, ‘The Dark History of the Olympics.’ She wrote nothing for them regarding sports in 2015.

Who the hell is Mary Pilon to be evaluating the problems associated with falling NFL ratings? Shame on NYP for posting this crap.

At the very beginning of the season we condemned these selfish child like personal political protests saying they did not belong on the field. I saw the very few in high school who played in college and the microcosm that played beyond that point. These players have innate abilities to perform at a level most people cannot understand, even while injured. Force oneself into the spotlight, an area of the stage which the audience disdains, and it will be turned off, literally. Folks it’s television and people have turned it off.

The NFL was literally an escape for an audience caught up in weekly tension. Turn on, tune in, and leave politics aside. We talked about the old cigar bars recently where people could light up a premium cigar and escape in similar fashion, but the liberals had to stick their fat noses into a good thing and regulate it into oblivion.

People do not watch the NFL games to see political protests. They just elected people who they felt loved America because they do. They refuse to watch their National Anthem disrespected.

Mary Pilon offers nothing more than the playbook injury concerns, over saturation, and the fall of Rome’s gladiators. What would happen if the protests ended?


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