Posted on November 25, 2016

AT: “It is November, and the air reverberates with cries for unity and bipartisanship. The Republicans must have won an election. Sentiments such as “I won” and “You ran the bus into the ditch, so now sit in the back seat and be quiet” are more associated with Democratic triumphs. Advising the new president on his treatment of Democrats, the Wall Street Journal’s editors counsel ‘charity for all’.”

Sometimes I watch Paul Gigot’s Wall St Journal Report of Fox. Sometimes because it’s difficult to deal with the establishment attitudes. A conservative opinion is treated like the leftist attitude of the one person sitting at the table on The Five. The WSJ, like NRO and so many others, has moved from it’s place on the conservative side. I do not read them, they are not coming back.

Nichols goes on to explain the insanity of the republican establishment’s bipartisan unity efforts. “Victory in the coming term means overcoming the Democrats, not accommodating them. It means President Trump following through on his campaign promises, despite the Journal’s sneer that “the businessman likely didn’t win on his program, to the extent he has one,” and despite virulent resistance from the party out of power.
There could well be “charity for all” – charity for ordinary Americans, not for the Washington grandees of the defeated party. There could be charity for coal miners and oil rig workers whose livelihood is taken away by the callous misanthropy that calls itself “environmentalism.” There could be charity for black children who only want a chance to receive a decent education at a school their parents select for them, but instead fall prey to the vultures of the Democratic Party and their union patrons. There could be charity for

Religion is not a part of the liberal nomenclature. The New Testament said teach a man to fish. There was charity for all.


American Thinker- Our Betters: Trump Must Now Exercise ‘Magnanimity’ toward Democrats

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