Posted on November 9, 2016


Reuters: “Donald Trump’s election as president raises the prospect the United States will pull out of the nuclear pact it signed last year with Iran, alienating Washington from its allies and potentially freeing Iran to act on its ambitions.”

Outgoing President Barack Obama’s administration touted the deal, a legacy foreign policy achievement, as a way to suspend Tehran’s suspected drive to develop atomic weapons. In return Obama, a Democrat, agreed to a lifting of most sanctions.
The deal, harshly opposed by Republicans in Congress, was reached as a political commitment rather than a treaty ratified by lawmakers, making it vulnerable to a new U.S. president, such as Trump, who might disagree with its terms

The person most unhappy about the results of this election lives at the White House, his legacy is gone.

Reuters was quick to bring up the Iran deal, but ObamaCare will be repealed, Global Warming will be shot down, the trade deals will be erased, that damn wall is coming, coal miners, drillers, and frackers are smiling, companies will be returning to America, you will be able to keep your doctor, police will not have to be worried about being shot…, maybe Obama’s legacy will be the drained swamp, good luck fighting for the lost disaster.

Let’s not forget the GOP which has proven it can never survive outside of that swamp as well.

News media and pollsters now realize that the team with the better ground game and the big bank account did not win. Will reality set in?

Like Reagan, Trump used his vision, stuck with his plan, and changed the game again. Each was on the side of the people, both loved their country.


Reuters: Trump election puts Iran nuclear deal on shaky ground

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