Posted on November 2, 2016

Bloomberg: “Anthem Inc. said it may join other major U.S. health insurers in largely pulling out of Obamacare’s markets in 2018 if its financial results under the program don’t improve next year.”

Reuters: “The market for individual health insurance created under President Barack Obama’s national health care law drew fewer than half the enrollees expected, and the members have higher medical costs than foreseen. This has led to losses at Anthem and its rivals, some of which plan to stop selling these plans in 2017.”

Obama promised you could keep your doctor, your plan, save $2,500…

Hillary wants to fix ObamaCare.

Trump last week: “Its over for ObamaCare and Hillary Clinton wants to double down and make it more expensive and it’s not going to work… it’s only getting worse. And not only for you, for the country.”


Bloomberg: Anthem Threatens Obamacare Retreat If Results Don’t Improve
STLPost: Anthem says it may trim Obamacare participation in 2018

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