Posted on October 9, 2016

DM: “Donald Trump shares rape allegations against Bill Clinton on social media Trump retweeted two comments from Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick ‘(Hillary) lives with and protects a “Rapist”,’ one of her tweets read Broaddrick’s claim has been denied by Clinton and he was never charged Trump’s post suggests he will bring up Bill’s past during Sunday’s debate GOP nominee is trying to recover after shocking recording of him emerged He was recorded in 2005 bragging about groping women without consent Donald Trump may have given the strongest hint yet he will attack Hillary Clinton’s personal life in Sunday’s debate, by promoting comments from a woman who accused Bill Clinton of rape.”

Hillary claims to be protecting women’s rights yet she was the person behind the attacks against the women Bill raped…

News media claims the charges were never proven.


Daily Mail: Donald Trump promotes claims by Juanita Broaddrick that Bill Clinton ‘raped her’

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