Posted on September 8, 2016


WT: “The FBI’s once-secret report on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email system reveals that messages sent to aides were compromised by hostile foreign actors. The FBI did not elaborate on the identity of foreign cyberattacks that normally refer to activities of sophisticated foreign intelligence services or criminal groups. The bureau was also unable to “conclusively” say whether classified information sent on Mrs. Clinton’s emails and mobile phones was compromised by “cyber means,” the report said.”

The FBI claimed inability to access all of those smartphones and iPads was the problem, the 13 or so we are aware of, some smashed with a hammer, all used between 2009-13.

Hillary’s campaign just released information about her discussion with Powell back in the 90’s about how to route personal information around the government network. Powell said he explained how to access her POP (email) by connecting to a land line, stressing personal use only. Hillary had the basics to cut and paste classified information to emails on smartphones… and send it to foreigners for cash. The FBI has admitted Hillary sent it.

The servers through which her information was sent were not secure. She sent email while out of the country where transmissions from her personal smartphone are open to hackers. Email itself is a great area of entry for a hacker not to mention the pre-scan problems.

Last summer Comey all but admitted Hillary was hacked through her personal email and told us the email had Special Access Programming, highest security level.

Deals were made with foreign countries for cash compromising America.

Why won’t this get worse if she is elected?


WT: Clinton email compromised in hostile cyberattacks

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