Posted on September 1, 2016


NY Observer: “First they come after you, then they target your family and business relationships.”

The story notes the obvious, Hillary is falling with nothing to save her. The lies are no longer effective, people do not believe the polls, and too much information has been exposed to ignore. The fact that judges dismiss does not undermine the people’s pride in their laws, let alone themselves.

Writing in The New York Times, media columnist Jim Rutenberg granted permission to his fellow journalists “to throw out the textbook American journalism has been using for the better part of the past half-century, if not longer, and approach it in a way you’ve never approached anything in your career.”
The Observer and others have detailed the ways in which traditional media companies and even tech companies have colluded to maximize negative coverage of Trump and minimize negative coverage of his opponent, Hillary Clinton. But it doesn’t end there. As Rutenberg described, many journalists feel the need to “move closer than you’ve ever been to being oppositional.”
That opposition has extended into new and uncharted territory. In the coordinated effort to stop a dangerous candidate from obtaining, to use Rutenberg’s breathless description of the stakes, “control of the United States nuclear codes,” the mainstream media has taken not just to bashing Trump but to extracting a price even from those who support him

The report provides three examples with links and asks if one would ever expect to find similar in depth investigation on Hillary. Let’s take it a step further and simply ask if one would anticipate reading the truth about her? Of course not.

In the case of Trump, what about his wife and children? Hillary’s spouse raped women yet that’s off limits.

How many times has Hillary put people out of work with EPA laws? Trump is the one portrayed by the news media as unable to create employment?

Who in news media cares about pay to play or the Benghazi deaths? Trump’s company extends throughout the world yet he is portrayed as incapable of handling foreign affairs. He just met Nieto.

Immigration for Hillary is about creating more voters. It’s Pavlovian, not freedom. Trump is here for the people, whoever they are. The reaction of the Angel Parents News media endorses Hillary.


Observer- Mainstream Media: Defeat Trump by Attacking His Supporters

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