Posted on September 21, 2014

ABC: “Atlantic City officials have voted to ban the sale of toy guns. While they’re just for play, some look extremely realistic and have even been used in crimes – that’s why police are trying to get them off the streets.”

ABC steps in it without realizing it. All of those sales Obama permitted to the Cartel which are working their way back into America, what happens when the users paint their guns bright neon colors and use them in criminal enterprise? Protect the people by taking away a constitutional right? It’s always start small and then take more.

There have been two White House fence jumpers in the last few days, somebody is mad.

The poor children can no longer see the real Popeye, eat regular food, learn true history. Seriously, why so many sales of Rush’s new books? They enjoy them and it’s fun to learn. There is no recess today. Make your hand into a gun and they send you home. It’s not the guns, food, history…., it’s control. They cannot say the Pledge, God, some cannot ask to use the bathroom. Teachers abuse them and keep their jobs. Now maybe some adults abuse gun laws and the children suffer the consequences.

ABC, homegrown Islamic radicals are shooting American students dead with real guns. Brendan Tevlin, a 19yr old student, was murdered by Ali Mohammed Brown back in June in revenge for Iraq and we were not told about it until this month. The radicals are JV but we must handcuff the children.


ABC: Sale of toy guns banned in Atlantic City



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