Posted on March 31, 2014


CNBC: “Hours before the deadline for enrolling, the online page for enrolling in Obamacare went down Monday. The deadline is midnight Monday to sign up for private health insurance in the new online markets created by President Barack Obama’s health-care law. So far, about 4 of every 5 people enrolling have qualified for tax credits to reduce the cost of their premiums.”

The deadline has been erased, CNBC knows that. The refocus on this disaster is now reduced cost even though it’s another lie. The reductions are being sold as tax credits not dollar savings, purchasers do not understand the difference, and they will not realize it. The costs are the costs and someone will have to fund their credits as well as the losses. CNBC knows that too.

Those losses extend beyond individual policies, the private companies, insurers, must be reimbursed as well. We know Obama is lying to us about 6 million enrollments, imagine if he had that many, what kind of pool of insureds would that create for the insurers, divided amongst all of them, to establish profitability when everyone is accepted? It can’t. Your premiums must increase.

None of it matters anyway because the site is non-functional again.


CNBC: Healthcare.gov signup system down on deadline day



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