Posted on March 7, 2014


BuzzFeed: “On Feb. 20, thousands of housekeepers, porters, cooks, cocktail servers, and others represented by Nevada’s largest union, the Culinary Union Local 226, voted to end a contract extension the workers agreed to last summer. The union wants to maintain its current benefits — including health care coverage at no cost to workers, pensions, and guaranteed 40-hour workweeks. Rising health care costs due to provisions in the Affordable Care Act could put those benefits in jeopardy, the union says.”

WP: “It marks the second recent Obamacare defeat for unions. Over the summer, the administration rejected unions’ pleas to allow their health plans to access federal subsidies.”

The union has been given the green light to strike. The red light remains on for the liberals as midterms approach.


BuzzFeed: Nearly 10,000 Las Vegas Casino Workers Might Go On Strike Because Of Obamacare
WP: Unions can’t get an Obamacare win, but insurers are getting help



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