Posted on April 22, 2013

DeMint talks about the Internet sales tax bill: “Consider the absurdity of such a law. When a customer buys a product in a store, does the cashier ask for the customer’s home address? Of course not. The store simply charges the state and local sales taxes applicable for its physical location, no questions asked.” Businesses would be collecting taxes for states to make decisions which they have no involvement. How did you feel about giving tax dollars to Egypt?

The large national retailers are backing this effort, they are structured to warehouse inventory in hubs and pay state taxes. The smaller Internet companies are unwanted competition. Which is milking local government for tax exemptions in the battle to build in your neighborhood?

DeMint: “Politicians want this bill passed to raise new tax revenue for broken state governments facing budget shortfalls. But legislators in state capitals don’t want to make the hard decisions to cut spending or raise taxes on their constituents—they fear the voter backlash. So they’d like their allies in Washington to make it legal for them to tax people who can’t vote against them.”

The concept does not work, taxation without representation is control. There are no compromises, all previous attempts to define an over/under point have failed, ObamaCare… Any effort to implement this in terms of number of employees or volume of sales, like all of the rest, when it fails, you will be told they tried, the GOP ruined it, and more must be done.




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