Posted on May 3, 2012

Blaming the economy, Obama again refuses to stand up to China. AFP today: “Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng appealed to US President Barack Obama to help get him and his family out ofChina, saying he feared for his life just hours after leaving the US embassy in Beijing. He also accused US embassy officials of pushing him hard to leave the safety of the embassy on Wednesday where he had sought refuge for six days after fleeing his home in the eastern province of Shandong.”

Continuing: “Chen’s comments came hours after US-based rights group China Aid said the dissident had “reluctantly” left the embassy and that it had been told by “reliable sources” that Beijing had made threats against his relatives.”

We just picked up this from Weekly Standard about Chen requesting rescue assistance from Hillary: “But that doesn’t seem likely: Clinton, who is in China now, completely ignored Chen in her remarks as part of the so-called U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. She did not mention him once.” Note she is there to participate in the Strategic and Economic Dialogue.

Hillary addressed the subject and here is a paragraph from it: “We both know that we have to get this right because so much depends upon it. We also both know that our countries have become thoroughly, inescapably interdependent. As President Obama and I have said many times, the United States believes that a thriving China is good for America, and a thriving America is good for China. So we have a strong interest in China’s continued economic growth and if China’s rising capabilities means that we have an increasingly able and engaged partner in solving the threats we face to both regional and global security, that is all good.”

Let’s clarify our economic relationship with China, it does not lend America money because it wants to. They have all of our dollars as a result of selling their currency for ours in order to suppress their value. As a result they can undercut our prices. That’s not their only tool, they have no R&D costs, China robs America by stealing our technology. Burst Updates recently pointed out the fact that Russia purchased Ener1 not for the products but the military technology behind them. China agreed to allow American companies to market there only if they revealed design secrets. China then copied them, and built their own. Apple is encountering some major problems right now.

If China stopped lending to us it would end the suppression of currency and in turn the trade deficit. All of their dollars go into T-Bills, they have a vested interest in us. All of this bowing to their demands is BS, it’s time we demand, we can have whatever we want! It’s China that needs America, but Obama either fears them or is too stupid to understand anything other than the Alinsky way. Listen to Chen, allow the blind man to lead.




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