Posted on January 17, 2012

H Chron: “But it’s not always easy to find a Muslim-friendly Republican candidate. …
Last year, Paul criticized opponents Santorum and Michele Bachmann for “hating Muslims,” and during a debate, he defended Muslim-Americans by saying the Muslim world as a whole was not responsible for 9/11. His remarks got him booed by the Tea Party audience

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Omar Shaukat reported: “I assume most Muslim-Americans will support Paul because of his foreign policy views on Iran, Afghanistan and war. But more crucially, I am attracted to his paleo-conservative tendencies, even if his radical libertarianism might give me some pause. Not guilty of Islamophobia, a non-interventionist, defending civil liberties, consistently pro-life, not willing to subsidize abortion, and uninterested in regulating sexual behavior without abandoning a traditional view of marriage, I think Paul’s nuanced message on the relation between law and morality should resonate with many Muslim-Americans.”

The majority of Muslims support liberals.



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