Posted on January 3, 2012

The NY Times is always available to print whatever the libs wish to leak, back-up confirmation sources are not necessary. National safety issues are not questioned. We posted a story concerning Obama’s involvement with the release of the Lockerbie bomber and NYT later printed the entire letter of which we used a portion, explaining the letter, not his actions.

Buzzmachine: “In the meantime, labor rates have risen (a Timesman today lives better than a Timesman then) but production technology has become far more automated and efficient (no more typesetters, proofreaders, compositors, engravers, stereographers, mailrooms, or “rubber rooms” filled with unneeded pressmen). And the advertising value of newspapers has increased exponentially. … Instead, today it raises its price — by a whopping 25% over its old daily price of $2.”

Sometimes there is a value in a higher priced product. Consumers are not finding it with electronic cars, solar power, public education, government health care, mercury bulbs, Social Security, smaller toilets, regulated menus…, all of which, like the NYT, cost more.



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