Posted on October 8, 2010

The California Smoker’s Helpline was created in 1992 to assist those unable to kick the habit. It’s services are provided by the CA Department of Health, via our taxpayer dollars (the state is broke), which says they still receive thousands of calls every month. Last month Schwarzenegger signed into law a bill that decriminalizes the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana.

Prior to the vote on Proposition 19, California’s marijuana legalization initiative on November’s ballot, their governor reduced the possession penalty to a traffic fine. If the bill passes next month what happens to the flow of smoking calls into the Department of Health? Prop 19 stipulates that marijuana must be smoked in areas designated for cigarettes. How many of the elderly die hard smokers will be willing to cut a butt around a group that is rolling? For that matter how many smokers will continue to pay outrageous prices for cigarettes when they can have joints?

It never made sense for the liberals to endorse the bill in order to pull in a greater gate at the midterms. Who wouldn’t logically want to avoid having the cannabis symbol tattooed to their party? After listening to Pelosi try to sell economic prosperity with food stamps maybe the sky is the limit. Here’s what we found in a bay area publication concerning the California Young Democrats endorsement of it: “A major part of our campaign strategy will be engaging young and first-time voters who are excited to come to the polls to support our initiative, and we think the Democratic Party will really benefit from the extra turnout that our campaign will provide.”

If it passes imagine all of the new Half Baked stores which will accept Pelosi’s food stamps and generate a renewed California economy to make up for that lost from the cigarettes. Those cigarettes have now become a capital offense yet the state is doing it’s best to replace them with home grown.



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